Being a parent is not an easy task. The knowledge about parenting is limited and it grows with experience and with the support of grandparents. Each family it’s a universe and each child is a world. What helps one child not necessarily has to help another.

Society and media are used to judge and attack parents on how they are parenting their child, normally mentioning everything they are doing wrong, but who is there to support them and to encourage them?

Essentia believes that it’s crucial to support parents providing them information and resources that will help them solve dilemmas, this will improve and enhance the family harmony. You can increase the relationship with your child and partner without having problems.

Preventing the complications is the best way to solve them.

Filial Play Coaching is a fun, unique and useful technique for preventing family problems.

It’s a space for you (mother/father). It will give you the abilities you need for enriching the bond with you child.  You will practice these abilities playing with him.

You may be thinking: “playing? How this is going to enhance mi relationship with my son?”

Play is a natural process; it develops trust, encourages learning, regulates emotions, reduces anxiety, promotes creative thinking, boosts honest communication and elevates the spirit and self-esteem. So this will help the bonding between you and your kid.

You can apply the learned abilities in the family context, not just while you play with your child, but also in other situations.

It’s not a therapeutic process. It will prepare you to understand your children, to cope with difficulties, to establish boundaries, to be always available for them, to learn and to distinguish between the necessities and desires they have, to acknowledge your strengths as a parent and to recognize the bond you have with your child.

The situation at home will improve. It gives you (father/mother) the resources for coping with difficult situations and for you to feel the security that you are doing a great job parenting your children. It will help them in their emotional, social and psychological well-being.

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