Childhood is a moment of fun, illusion, imagination, happiness and constant learning. Experiencing the world and the environment around us is a very difficult task. The children can do this through their senses, their experiences and playing. It’s a stage of physical, emotional and psychological development. Their family, especially their parents is what’s most important for them. The parents have a huge responsibility parenting their children with the knowledge they have, meanwhile they obtain more through experience. Life provokes complicated situations they need to solve, increasing their stress, anxiety and insecurities.

Have you been in any of these situations?

  • When you get home, tired and hoping to rest, you find your kid with a lot of energy, doing what ever he wants without paying attention to what you are saying?
  • In the afternoons, do you become a teacher to make sure your kid is doing his homework?
  • Do you try not to get out to public places, like restaurants, with your child because he becomes aggressive and hits people? Do you feel you can’t control the situation? Do you feel ashamed of what’s happening and anger is the only way to take control of the situation?
  • Is your kid different from his siblings? He’s the “weird” of the family. You try to understand him and support him even tough he doesn’t want to talk about that stuff. He spends most of his time inside his room.
  • Do you feel you don’t really know your kid because he doesn’t talk about what he feels or what he’s going through?
  • Your child has fears and they don’t disappear.
  • Do you feel sad to see your child being bullied? Does hehave trouble making friends?
  • Are mornings a battle field for going to school?
  • He has a new brother and he’s jealous of him? He tries to get your attention with anything, especially not obeying limits. He displays negative behaviors. He wants you to be with him most of the time.

These situations are common in all families, even though most of them won’t share it with others. If you ever feel tired, discouraged and you consider that your efforts to help your children are not being effective, it’s time for Essentiato support you and listen to what you have to share. Here you will find a space where your child will feel secure and can express his internal and external difficulties.

The therapy I do with the kids it’s based in giving them the support they need when they have adversities that will affect their development. Nowadays with so many stressors it’s normal that kids and parents need a space where they can externalize and share their feelings.

Essentia doesn’t judge the families that come (all of us have problems and we try to solve them the best way we can). Here you can make yourself at home.

You will ask yourself: Why this therapy will help my son? What’s different with other therapies?

It will help your child because it solves the problem from the origin. Play Therapy is empirically validated intervention; it’s original, friendly and beneficial for children. It’s a technique that centers its work with the child and considers its crucial to meet with the parents once a month.

You might be wondering: “how is play going to help my child? He can play at home.” This is a common thought in our society. Play is a very important tool for kid’s development. Actually it’s not appreciated enough and there’s not sufficient information about its endless benefits.

As Plato said: “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”.

It is a vital opportunity that I offered to the kid so he can express his feelings and difficulties, his fears, anxieties, his hate, loneliness, failure feelings, maladjustment y scholar difficulties through play. Looses the kid from constraints of verbalizing the details of a new event. Creating a confident and trustful relationship, which encourages the expression and management of the child’s internal conflicts, the discharge and understanding of their deepest emotions, recognizing and exploring the issues that affect their lives.


The playroom is a privileged, confident, intimate and unconditional supporting space, where the child through play, has the possibility of manifesting his personal story, to liberate his emotions and frustrations, reducing hurtful and threatening life experiences, relieving anxiety and stress. The kid learns about the world and his relationships, dares reality, explores emotions and roles.

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