Hormones invade our body in this life stage, causing not just physical but also psychological and emotional changes. Insecurities, uncertainties, independence and identity struggles flourish in this developmental phase. The battle for obtaining these goals can be very gloomy, complicated, stressful and lonely.

Belonging to a group is certainly necessary, but it’s not an easy task. Each day society conceives new stressors and expectations for adolescents to deal with. “I need to study medicine because it’s family tradition”, ” I need to be strong because I’m now an adult”, “they don’t want to be my friends because I’m fat”, “I’m very shy, it’s hard for me to socialize with new people”, ” I take drugs to forget my problems”… These are situations that teenagers and young adults have to pass through in adolescence. Are you one of them?

If you had a crisis, you almost fainted, got dizzy, couldn’t breath well, your heart accelerated, you were so scared that symptoms increased and you didn’t know what was going on, you had high amounts of stress and anxiety….

…It could’ve been a panic attack.

What’s a panic attack?

It’s a type of anxiety. Anxiety is an emotion that characterizes for having invasive and constant thoughts. People usually avoid certain fearful or uncertain situations. It can produce symptoms such as sweating, shaking, dizziness or rapid heart rate. They may change their behavior and function at home, school, or work. People often worry about the effects of their panic attacks.They may feel sad or depressed.Panic attacks cannot be predicted and recalling a past attack may trigger a new one.


If you have experienced this or you exhibit high levels of anxiety, Essentia can help you find the necessary tools for reducing and eliminating these attacks. You could understand from a new perspective what’s happening to you. Essentia centers its work in finding the solution and not in the problem; this will empower you to be able to stop this situation.

The Gestalt Therapy is a trustful, privileged space. Were you can feel the support and the companion that requires to cope with the dilemmas, concerns and difficulties in your daily life, finding new alternatives and solutions.

Helps you to be aware of what you do and feel, developing skills for self-acceptation, focusing in the “here and now”, encouraging self-knowledge.



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