Parents are counting the days left for going back to school, starting the daily routine and for all to go back to normality. Summer can be stressful for most parents since they keep working and need to find out someone to take care of the children. Summer camps are a great option, children have fun and parents are relaxed.

Stress is reduced when all the family can share some days together.

Kids are happy being on holidays, they go to the pool, they can play, they don’t have homework and they have illusion for doing plans they can’t while they’re at school. They enjoy their childhood. Problems appear when they need to go back to school.

All the liberties they had are over and they are reluctant for letting them go. Changing the holiday routine it’s difficult and in some cases anxiety increases when they think about going back to school. Apathy, lack of concentration and drowsiness can appear in the child. Other kids are happy for going back to school, they want to see their friends and are excited about buying new class materials. This doesn’t mean it’s not difficult going back to routine. Sending the kids to bed, establishing schedules for television, for bathing, for organizing again. Adaptation will be hard during this period of time; routine has changed, depending of each family, a lot or just a little.

How can we make back to school less stressful?


  • Come back home some days before school starts.
    This will help adaptation and organization less difficult.
  • Talk to your children about what’s going to happen next few days.
    Prepare them and anticipate unexpected surprises.
  • Support them to express what they feel, especially if it’s anxiety or fear for going back to school.
  • Listen to them and validate their feelings.
  • Do fun stuff together.
    Coming back doesn’t mean it needs to be boring, do things you like and enjoy.
  • Find with your kids the situations, moments and things they like about school and what you like about your job.
  • Avoid discussions and communicate with them. Explain the reasons you have for doing what you do. For example, “ why do I have to go to bed so early if tomorrow I don’t have school?” Explain why, “so it won’t be so hard for you to wakeup early. It’s hard to return to your regular schedule.”
  • Share the pride and happines you feel towards them. “I’m very proud you’re going to primary.”
  • Express your tiredness, apathy and work discomfort with your partner or family.
  • Try to find positive thing about work and what you enjoy doing.
  • Give yourself a “me time”. Allow yourself to have at least one hour for yourself.

And remember that you CAN DO IT even if it’s tough.

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